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Dental Implants

Single Tooth:

A dental implant is the tooth replacement option that is most like a natural tooth. You can think of a dental implant as a root replacement.


1) Teeth on other side of the missing tooth are not used to support the missing tooth,  as in a partial denture or a bridge.

2) The bone is stimulated just like if the root of a tooth was still there. This preserves the bone and keeps it from resorbing away, unlike a partial denture or bridge.

3) Dental implants are not susceptible to the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Multiple Teeth:

Dental implants can be used to replace multiple missing teeth with either a dental implant bridge or as anchorage for a complete or partial denture.

Dentures are difficult to wear comfortably. We can use dental implants to snap in a denture  in place. Denture adhesives and pastes are no longer necessary.

Written by Dr. Matt

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