Dr. Schneider With Patient

Regular dental visits are important because they can identify dental health problems early when treatment is likely to be simpler and more affordable. They also help prevent many problems from developing in the first place. Finally, visiting your dentist regularly is crucial because some diseases or medical conditions have symptoms that can appear in the mouth.

Yes. Though you many not feel the symptoms of any specific illness, you can still have a dental health issue that only a dentist can diagnose. Regular visits to a professional are key to any health goals, this is especially true of dental health.

When necessary, IV sedation proves effective for the most anxious patient and can often allow Dr. Matt to complete procedures with more efficiency. Nitrous oxide sedation is also available at Schneider Family Dental and can be used for almost any procedure. It is only a mild sedation, but it does provide you with a relaxing, positive dental experience.

Our dental services are open to all ages. We accept everyone in your family, no matter the age.

We will help you build healthy habits. This means brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing daily. These are essential for everyone, no matter your age or how unique your mouth is. It’s the best way to fight tooth decay and gum disease.

Coming to Schneider Family Dental for your dental care means you are more than just a patient. We build relationships with our patients and treat you like we would treat our own family. With every visit, our team will be in an increasingly better position to detect oral problems early. If an issue is found, Dr. Matt can determine the best treatment plan. If you have questions about a proposed procedure or your general oral health, just ask. Our goal is for everyone that leaves our office to feel better than when they came in!