Dental Resolutions for the New Year

Don’t you love New Years? Even if you aren’t the type to make resolutions, just the idea of getting through one more year can boost your determination to make the next one better. In January we pledge to lose weight, quit smoking, get off the couch and do more things, all for the pursuit of feeling better and becoming more productive. If there’s anything you should pay special attention to in the new year, however, it should be your teeth. Good dental care is one thing you definitely must resolve to do, no matter the time of year.


Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “I brush and floss daily. That’s enough, right?” Well, on the outset that could be true, but the dental habits you maintain at home should stay regular, and they do involve more than daily brushing. Have you ever wondered why, after brushing and flossing, you find your dentist appointment doesn’t always go as well as you hope? Here are some resolutions to consider in the new year with regards to teeth care:


1) Keep a toothbrush and roll of dental floss with you at all times. Many of us may only brush before bed and after waking, though it’s recommended to get some midday action when you can. Try to make a habit of brushing and flossing after lunch – the extra work can do wonders for your smile.


2) Floss down as far as you can go. Bleeding is a sign of tender gums, and if you are only flossing from the top to middle of your teeth you aren’t getting the full effect. You need to pay attention to the gum line as well. If you see blood one day, don’t be too worried. As you continue thorough flossing, your gums will get tougher and it will make things easier when you go for your checkups. Speaking of which…


3) Get to the dentist! Twice a year, go for your checkup. Yes, our lives are busy, but wouldn’t be it wonderful to live the rest of our lives with all of our teeth? If you have a phobia about visiting a dental office, have a friend or loved one bring you to the appointment.


4) Watch foods and drinks that stain your teeth. You don’t necessarily have to give up that coveted morning coffee or tea, but be aware of the stain potential if you drink too much. Likewise, watch your sugar intake and make up for what you eat with extra attention to your teeth when it’s time to brush.


Keep a beautiful smile for the new year by taking good care of your teeth. It’s one resolution that brings results.