What to Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular over the years with a substantial increase in teeth whitening options becoming available. Numerous teeth whitening products have made claims that they will whiten your teeth extensively. Before you shell out money for the various forms of teeth whitening, consider consulting with your Dentist and asking them the following questions to help with your decision.
What to Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening; Will Teeth Whitening Help Me?

Teeth whitening procedures may not work on all teeth. Gray and brown hued teeth do not generally respond as well to teeth whitening products as yellow stained teeth. Veneered, capped, or bonded teeth may not respond to teeth whitening products at all. Consult with your Dentist about which options will work for your teeth before you spend money on products that may or may not work for you.

What to Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening; What Are My Options?

Minor stained teeth may respond well to simple procedures such as a whitening toothpaste while extensively yellow stained teeth may benefit most from in office bleaching. At home tooth whitening trays may work just as good as Dentist purchased products depending on the extensiveness of staining to your teeth. Ask your Dentist to explain all of the options that are available to you and which teeth whitening option they recommend for your teeth.

What Option Is the Best Value?

Higher price does not always indicate the best product. Often, the best value for your money is an item that will do a satisfactory job and cost you a middle of the road price. Before you purchase teeth whitening products or services ask your Dentist which products they have seen the best results from and which are recommended by the American Dental Association.

What to Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening; Will Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Although teeth whitening does not usually cause pain, teeth whitening may cause tooth sensitivities or irritate already existing tooth sensitivities. If you have trouble with sensitive teeth or have other conditions that may cause oral discomfort, speak with your Dentist to find out what options will work best to whiten your teeth.

What to Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening; How Can I Prevent Re-Staining?

Talk with your Dentist about your current habits that may be contributing to the discoloration of your teeth. Most people know that habits like smoking and drinking coffee can lead to a discoloration of the teeth. Medications, diseases, and wine can also discolor the teeth.