Winter Dental Care Tips: Surviving Cold and Flu Season

You probably know by now that good oral health can do a lot more of your body than simply provide you with whiter teeth and a more sparkling smile. But did you realize that it can actually have a bearing on your health in the winter, helping you get through those months where a plague of germs puts you at risk during cold and flu season?


Well, here are some tips to help you survive those common winter bugs, and it starts with your oral health.

  1. Replace your toothbrush regularly – a toothbrush that’s not clean can be a source of bacteria and germs as it’s put into the mouth. Replace a toothbrush every four months, whether it appears worn out or not to reduce the spread of germs
  2. When you’ve been sick, get a new toothbrush – once you’ve gotten over the cold or flu, you should get a new toothbrush or risk reinfecting yourself every time you clean your teeth
  3. Sanitize your toothbrush – any oral health supplies, whether it’s a toothbrush, or tools that help with flossing, can be sanitized. When items are damp, but them in the microwave for one minute to kill bacteria